Fund to Save Historic Homes from Demolition

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The Belleville Historical Society is attempting to raise a fund of $100,000 to renovate a historic house at 100 North 11th Street in old West Belleville. Upon completion, the house would be sold and the money would be put back into a fund to do the same with another historic house at risk of being demolished…and so on.

We have until March 27th to determine if sufficient funds can be raised to save this house.

A potential catalyst for old West Belleville

Meat market owner Julius Heinemann built the house at 100 North 11th Street in 1901 as an attachment to his place of business. In addition to its historical significance, the house’s location in old West Belleville lends it the potential to participate in the revitalization of this historic neighborhood.

The Heinemann House sits at the corner of North 11th and West A Streets in Belleville. The storefront is connected the the west side of the home.

Just one block north of West Main Street in old West Belleville, the Heinemann House is at risk of being demolished. The home is adjacent to the storefront of a former meat market, which was operated by Julius Heinemann.

This unique structure is currently being cited by the City of Belleville for potential demolition. It has been offered to the Historical Society as a donation if we renovate it. If we decline, the house and adjacent storefront will be demolished.

We have until March 27th to accept or reject the house. How much money we are able to raise by that date will be a determining factor in our decision.

Our appeal is to anyone with a sense of saving this house and, when complete, other historic homes that are also worth saving.

The Belleville Historical Society has already saved two houses in Belleville, the most recent of which is in the Old Belleville Historic District at 804 East Washington Street. This house, once slated for demolition by the City of Belleville, is now owner occupied and on the tax rolls. Had it been demolished as scheduled, it would now be a vacant lot owned by the city, incurring maintenance costs and producing no tax revenue. (Learn more about this successful project in the Belleville News-Democrat.)

Please help us save a part of Belleville’s history and help stabilize a neighborhood

Tax-free donations in the amounts of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, $5000, or more can be made via Paypal or sent to the address below.

Donate through PayPal:

Mail donations to:Belleville Historical Society
Post Office Box 23682
Belleville, IL 62223

Upon request, we will send you our 501(c)3 information for tax deduction purposes.

A photo shows Julius Heinemann outside his meat market

Julius Heinemann Meat Market at 102 North Silver (now 11th) Street, circa 1897

Original brickwork from the Heinemann house in old West Belleville remains intact

Detail of exterior brickwork

The counter and other details from the store have also been preserved

Detail of attached store

The entryway to the home features an arched porch roof and tiled floor

Entryway to the home at 100 North 11th Street

The wooden staircase features beautiful newel post detailing

A detail of the staircase in the Heinemann home

Julius Heinneman House
Julius Heinneman HouseMar 15, 2013Photos: 68

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