The Meredith Home (built in 1931 as Hotel Belleville) stands just south of the fountain on Belleville’s square. It is among the historic buildings and storefronts that contribute distinctive charm to Belleville’s downtown business district.
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In March, 2010, a small group of local residents with a passion for preserving Belleville’s rich history decided to form the Belleville Historical Society. Our goal is to acquire artifacts, documents, and real properties significant to the development of city of Belleville and promote an appreciation of its heritage. In essence, we wish to play a role in preserving Belleville’s history for the future.

You may contact the Belleville Historical Society at bellevillehistoricalsociety@gmail.com or 618-531-7753.

Board of Trustees
Larry Betz, President
Melinda Hult, Vice President
August (Gus) Werner III, Treasurer
Debbie Gain, Secretary
Roger Agne, Trustee
Jane Bonaldi, Trustee
David Brasswell, Trustee
Joan Braswell, Trustee
Ralph Hult, Trustee
Jason Keck, Trustee
Amanda Gain Meyer, Trustee
Landon Meyer, Trustee
Emily Smith, Trustee
Linda Weisenstien, Trustee

Advisory Board
Judy Belleville, Museum Advisor
Bob Brunkow, Historian
David Cox, Legal Advisor
Andy Gaa, High School Liaison
Ryan Kozsdiy, Public Relations
Margaret Meyer, Charles E. King Advisor
Chuck Moffat, Archeologist
Barry Moon, Procurement Officer

In memory and appreciation of Douglas Gain, founding member of the Belleville Historical Society.