Midcentury Modern Architecture Museum / Blazier House

blazier-houseIn November 2015 the Belleville Historical Society purchased the Terry and Thelma Blazier House at 8501 West Main Street (#6 Oak Knoll Place) in Belleville to serve as a Midcentury Modern Architecture Museum. Belleville architect Charles E. King designed the home for the Blaziers in 1952.

In 1962 the house was converted into a funeral home, and it served that role for over 50 years. It was home to a small church when the historical society purchased it.

Several modifications had been made to the original structure, and we are now renovating the home to restore many features to their original state. Our goal is to create a house that is symbolic of Midcentury Modern (MCM) architecture featuring the work of Charles E. King.

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You can stay at the MCM Museum!

Charles King designed the Blazier house with an attached apartment for Thelma’s sister, Vivian. The apartment, furnished in authentic midcentury style, is available for rent on Airbnb. All proceeds support the MCM Architecture Museum of Belleville.

See Aunt Vi’s apartment on Airbnb

Progress and updates

June 2016

Thanks to board members Margaret Meyer, Roger Agne, Joan Braswell, Linda Weisenstein, Larry Betz, BHS members David and Debbie Weichert, and volunteers from Belleville West High School Honor Society and Lindenwood University service organizations, the landscaping has undergone a tremendous improvement. Trees have been cut done and trimmed, bushes trimmed, weeds pulled, dandelions eliminated (mostly anyway), and unwanted bushes removed. Also, the house has undergone a good cleaning, and an unwanted stage and wall have been removed. Our next major undertaking will be the painting of the exterior.

We are beginning our fund raising efforts and are planning an in-house concert on Sunday afternoon, September 18. Please mark this date on your calendar. More information will be posted soon.

We have also received the donation of a 1956 General Electric “Wonder Kitchen” from Christina and Maria Worms. It is from a MCM house built in Ladue in 1956 and will be used as a display in the Blazier House.

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